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Importance of Having Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

38The world has gone Mobile. The number of smart phone users globally has grown exponentially over the past 5 years. The number of Android & iOS devices sold globally has crossed a billion mark each. Hence, it is no longer sufficient to have only a website for your business. Any business, small or large must have a mobile app. Let us look at some of the most important reasons why you should opt for a mobile app for your business:

1. Branding – A mobile application is the best way to create brand awareness for your business. You can use your logo, your business’s tag line or a message that you would like your customers to connect with your business to create a brand recall. Every time a customer who has downloaded your mobile apps sees your logo in the form of the mobile app icon on their screen, they will recall you.

2. Increased Reach – Because of the sheer penetration of mobile phones and other mobile devices like tablets and the improved Internet connectivity in most parts of the world, the number of people you can reach through a app has increased tremendously. It is easier for your existing as well as potential customers to find out the right information about your products or services through your mobile app.

3. Create Customer Database & Profile – It is easier to collect customer data in terms of phone number and email id through a mobile apps. You can also allow your app users to login via their social media accounts like Facebook or Google. This will give you access to other valuable data like their areas of interest, their lifestyle choice, their shopping preferences, etc. This data can then be used by your marketing team to send out the right communication.

4. Increased Engagement – By building the right features in your app you can utilize it as a powerful way to increase engagement with your existing and potential customers. You can include features like social sharing and a help desk (for sales and service queries) in the app to improve direct communication with your customers. This will in turn help your business to connect closely with your customers.

5. Push Notifications – This is one of the biggest advantages of having a mobile apps. You can ask your Mobile App Development Solution provider to integrate a push notification feature in your app which will help you with your on-the-go marketing. Through this feature, you can send bulk messages to all the app users or specific messages to a sub-set of your app users based on the message. You can also communicate about the latest offers or discounts you are offering to your customers regularly through push notifications. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny to send out these messages, unlike SMS or Email marketing.

With the above advantages of having a for your business in mind, it is imperative to identify the right Mobile App Development Solutions provider for your business app. Solution Analysts has been helping small businesses globally with their Mobile App Development Services to create great which will add value to their businesses. To get a free quote for your Mobile Application or to know more about us, please visit our website today.

Top Mobile Apps for Commercial Real Estate

36The digital age is moving at a pace of unprecedented speed, and the commercial real estate industry is not exempt from the effects. Commercial real estate has adapted to these new advances by creating mobile applications that assist market professionals in meeting the needs of their clients and prospective renters. In any real estate office, these apps can be seen as technological advances that are shaping the industry’s growth by increasing communication, organization, and best of all, saving time!

ReaLync has all bases covered when it comes to facilitating client-broker communication and organizing virtual tours and open houses. It is an interactive property touring app that saves time and money. ReaLync is ideal for fostering client-broker relationships and establishing clarity between prospective renters and commercial real estate brokers. Clients using the app can create client profiles to communicate directly with real estate agents and brokers via the app’s messaging feature. ReaLync’s pricing for agents and brokers is minutes-based, starting at only $9.99 a month with a free 30-day trial. However, the app is free for renters and buyers.

Honest Buildings
Honest Buildings is an application directly targeted at commercial real estate contractors and vendors. A self-proclaimed “cross between Yelp and LinkedIn for the build world,” Honest Buildings is all about efficiency and precision. It allows users who are looking to renovate a property to connect with vendors who showcase their work on the app. The app provides owners or brokers in any commercial office a forum to find and hire the right vendors for the right project. With a streamlined system, you do not have to worry about doing reference checks or pricing out various bids. Perhaps, one of the best features of Honest Buildings is that it’s completely free for project owners and fast.

The HelloSign app represents the direction that the commercial real estate industry is headed. A mobile scan-and-sign app, HelloSign supports the green movement as it promotes paperless security for commercial real estate professionals. It allows its users to scan and sign a document by taking a picture of it on a mobile device. In addition, the app doubles as a PDF editor which allows the user to make last-minute changes to a secure document before sending it off. The app has a free trial that allows users to scan and sign up to three documents in a month. The paid options range from $13 per month to $40 per month.

LeaseMatrix is a dream come true for commercial real estate brokers! It provides easy and fast comparisons for commercial real estate professionals by allowing its users to observe multiple leases at once. LeaseMatrix performs all calculations that would traditionally be figured through a spreadsheet, thus reducing, if not eliminating, the errors that are so frequently made when the calculations are performed manually. Though the app is web-based, it is available for use on all mobile devices. LeaseMatrix costs $29 per month or $295 per year with additional packages for office subscriptions.

In today’s tech-savvy and fast-paced work environment, it is essential that all workers have access to the latest tools that enable them to work not only harder, but smarter. For the commercial real estate industry, these four applications can make all the difference in a gained sale. Whether you’re looking to improve overall communication or provide transparency to employees and prospective clients, these applications will allow you to stay ahead of the game while saving yourself some time.

Monetization of a Mobile App

37When you are just starting to develop a new mobile product, or you are ready to release the end version, one of the most important steps is planning ways to earn money your mobile application.

We’ll consider the following monetization methods:

Selling of mobile application

Selling of virtual goods (In-App billing)

Building in ads into the application

Let’s start with the first one.

To sell the application on the Android Market / in the AppStore:

Your product will have a fixed cost. For downloading the mobile app, a user has to pre-pay it. In this case, you should consider many factors, one of which is the cost of your end product. By estimating value, consider the factors of product utility, urgency, age category, and its quality. Every factor has to be reasonably weighted. The final price should be compared with existing rivals’ analogs. The uniqueness and quality of the product let quickly profit from high popularity among users.

In general, most users are reluctant to buy new products, which have less than 10-50 thousand downloads, as well as with a rating of less than 4 – 3.5. In this case, in order to achieve greater success, a free demo version has also to be available. This version must attract a potential customer demonstrating its possibilities to make him wish to purchase the full version of your mobile app.

In most cases, the end user expects that by purchasing an application or a game, its full version should be available, and he won’t pay for additional features of the mobile app. If it is not the case, this disappointed user can perform purchase abolition and lower the application rating what affects the opinion of potential new users.

In-App billing

Selling virtual goods is purchasing within the mobile application. Payment technology is often provided by the Market, but when you want to to maximize the number of committed purchases, you can use some third-party services of SMS payments. The key point is that by payment through the Android Market / AppStore, you should enter your card’s details; and most users may not possess this card or the ability to pay. For such situations, SMS payment service is provided, when the money is charged from the user’s account.

When the mobile app has rich functionality, it is a good idea to place it on the Market free of charge, but with the possibility of opening additional functions / subscribing / purchasing through billing within the application. In the case of mobile games, for example, the system of internal payments is often the most cost-effective option. Since a user is keen on your game and wants to open new levels to avoid waiting few hours, he simply would have to pay. The In-App billing system lets earn money from the user an unlimited number of times. Therefore, you get the possibility of increasing the income several times more than by a single purchase.

Building in ads into the application

And the third option is the implementation of ads into the application. This method is not the most cost-effective one, and the income can go only when users are online. Profits in this case are due to users’ clicks on a banner. For small apps and games, this can be the best option. It is desirable to implement a banner in mobile applications that require a constant internet connection, for example, for music downloading, communication, and online games. It is better to implement in free versions, as after application purchasing and seeing a banner there, the user won’t be happy.

Summing up, I want to say that you should make your mobile application paid, if the functionality can’t be divided into paid and free (if the application loses its meaning and value in that way). If your app has a lot of features, or the user’s handling of application can be facilitated, then you should implement the internal payments system.

How useful is a free recharge app?

35A free recharge app is nothing but a simple mobile application which can be used to obtain instant free talktime.However, it can be used for a number of other things too.

These applications are beneficial in many ways and are available with different names such as Ladoo, Pocket Money, Apps Trail, Cash Ninja, Joy, Mojo, mCent, Cash Boss etc on Google Playstore. No matter which recharge appyou download, the features will remain the same, with a minor changes here and there.

The basic function of these apps is to help the user do online recharge from anywhere and anytime. Apart from that the users can also get to win free talktime by inviting friends and family to download a free recharge app. For every successful referral your wallet may get credited with up to 100 Rs. If the person you invited, installs the free recharge app on his/her device, you  straight away get a free talktime (the amount depends on the app). The job of the app isn’t done yet. You can visit it for taking up surveys and quizzes in your spare time by which you get rewarded with exciting gift hampers, discount vouchers for online shopping, movie tickets and coupons for food and beverage outlets.

The tasks on a recharge app are so simple that even a school going kid can participate in them. Some activities that you need to perform involve, watching paid advertisements and short videos, filling up questionnaires, downloading some more apps, reviewing various products/services/apps etc. It is not necessary to complete everything. You can choose any activity that you find interesting or less time consuming (although neither of them may consume too much of time). The tasks may hardly take 15 to 20 minutes.

Moreover, running out of balance is a very unpleasant experience that we all have faced at some point of time. If you make frequent phone calls or regularly surf the internet, a recharge app is the best option for you as it lets you save recharge for emergency sake. From the time the recharge amount gets credited to your wallet, it is valid up to a year, so you can make use of it anytime within this one year. You can even gift this recharge to your family and friends with a prepaid mobile connection (one of the most innovative gift for which they will surely thank you)

These apps are supported by almost all the leading telecom providers like Tata Docomo, Vodafone, Aircel, Reliance CDMA, Reliance GSM, Airtel, Idea etc. If you happen to use any of these telecom services, you definitely have to download a recharge app. This way you will not have to rush to a mobile store, every time you run out of balance.

Seven Free Android Apps For Small Business Owners

34Running a small business is never easy. There are network contacts to manage, meetings to attend, and expenses to track. Small business owners often wear many hats and perform multiple tasks in order to operate a business on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are ways to make these tasks simpler and the smartphone is a perfect device to get the job done. Many free applications are available for the Android phone that are designed to make life easier for anyone who manages or operates a business.

CamCard Lite – This free version of the highly rated CamCard app that makes it easy to share and save business cards in one location. It is the epitome of a digital rolodex. Business cards are captured through the phone camera and the contact data is saved in the phone address book and are searchable, making it easy to organize and find the right contact for your business needs. The lite version allows users to capture 10 cards during the first week and then 2 cards per week after that. For heavy networkers who are collecting many cards per week, there is the full upgrade for $11.99 with no limitations.

Google Voice – Google Voice has transformed the way many use and manage their communications. With one Google Voice number, you can forward your calls to all your numbers including your cell phone, land line and business office number. Voicemails are transcribed and can be sent via email or text. The service also lets you make free calls and text messages within the United States and Canada both from your phone and your desktop computer. International calls are much cheaper than the traditional counterparts.

Barcode Scanner – Although not specifically a business app, Barcode Scanner allows you to scan product barcodes and QR codes on the fly. From QR codes, you can save contact information, calendar events, text messages and URLs and show the information on a map. You can also create your own QR codes to share with colleagues who can scan them directly from your phone.

Bump – This novelty info sharing application lets you share data or contact information with someone else’s phone with a fist bump. By selecting the item you want to share, simply hold your phone and gently tap your fist with another Bump user.

PDANet – Have you ever been out to a meeting with a client only to discover that your internet connection was bad or non-existent? PDANet comes in handy during these situations. This app is a great utility that lets you share the internet connection from your phone with your computer without having to have root access on your phone. Your connection speed with be the same as that of your phone’s.

CamScanner – This useful app turns your phone into a document scanner. Save business expense receipts or capture the whiteboard notes in your office to reference while on the go. CamScanner allows you to scan multi page documents and do batch processing. Scanned files are converted to PDF format and can be shared through 3rd party services like Dropbox or Google Docs.

Astro File Manager – This app is a multi purpose tool for managing all your files on your Android. It lets you copy, rename, move, delete and send file attachments through email with ease. You can also extract zipped or tarred file. In additions, this app monitors your memory and CPU usage, allows you to see what processes are running and lets you backup your files and applications to a memory card.

In this age of mobile devices, the smartphone has become the small business owner’s best friend. As the Android application development market continues to grow, more advanced tools will be at our fingertips and continue the way people do business.